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Cup Final Dates:




TBA - Season 2014- 2015 

























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Cup Final Dates








   HDFL Div 5 Final  






HDFL Div 3 Final








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 Cup Final Protocol




Match Confirmations;




A letter will be sent out by the HDFL to all those


officiating in the cup finals. On receipt, it is imperative


and professional to reply. Officials WILL,


acknowledge their appointments to the league secretary


Kim Browning at the Harlow District Football League.


Programmes and other documentation has to been printed


with YOUR details on it, If you do not acknowledge your


appointment, it may be assumed you are not available


 and may be given to another.




Dress Code:




Collars, ties and jackets please, its looks nice,


you are a team, and its what is expected.




Time to be at venue:




Please be at Bishops Stortford F.C AT LEAST one hour


 before kick off. Protocol also dictates that the referee on the


day ring his / her officials during the week prior to the game


to check on last minute availability, is all ok etc


and what time to meet at ground.


Please see further instructions below under heading


of Meet / Greet Fellow Officials in HDFL below.




Match Instructions:




Again, imperative that Referees discuss with his


/ her team. Most of you have given or received match instructions,


 so should know what is expected. Discuss your tolerances,


 position, when to flag for offside,throw -ins, mass confrontation, penalties. If you need guidance please ask.




4th Official:




Please be aware of your duties as a 4th official, Take spare Asst Ref flags


and balls with you. 2 standing in the dugouts and general control of the same.


Take warm clothing, subject to weather. You may / may not be called to take


over in the event the referee cannot continue.




         Harlow and District Football League - Protocol.




Meet, Greet Fellow Officials.




As touched on above, agree a time to meet at Bishops Stortford F.C.


Drop your kit in the Match Officials room. Have a walk around the field of play


and discuss your match instructions. Do your pitch inspection and discuss.


A HDFL committee member will meet you.


Most probably Referees Secretary who will guide you on the day.




Team Sheets:




Like I discussed, your day will be to enjoy yourself and officiate your game.


HDFL will take care of the team sheets. The teams are checked on


database to ensure that there are no irregularities, and all players are legal.


A copy or restricted team sheet will be given to the 4th Official to


ensure he has details of substitutes.




Jewellery, Boot, Under Garment Check.




About 10 mins before the K.O. the referee will press the bell and


all teams will merge into the tunnel. Asst Refs will already be there and


will then perform the Jewellery, boot check etc. The Referee will be


waiting at the head of the tunnel to lead the teams on, after


being joined by his AR`s and 4th.




Lead Out.




Referee will lead out, will enter the F.O.P - take about 5 steps


and turn to face the stadium. The teams will have been given instructions


by the HDFL where to stand etc. They will be alongside you as in the


`Respect Handshake` formation.


The Referee will stand just off the half way line with his 2 AR`s


and 4th to his left. This is so he can introduce them to the dignitaries.




Respect - Handshakes.




Albeit that `Respect` has not been rolled out at our level,


this WILL be done please.








After the above, all will breakaway and have photographs.


That includes your good selves, so don't run away.








After the photographs, breakaway, check your nets, come back


witness the toss and then enjoy yourselves for the next 90 or so minutes.


Refreshments will be supplied to match officials at half time.


Usually, tea or a cold drink.


Remember, extra time and penalties will be played in the event of a 90 min draw.


If in the event of the score remaining the same after


the 5 penalties each – then it will become sudden death.








At the end and conclusion of the match. The order of medals will be Ball Boys,


Match Officials, Runners Up and then the Winners. Protocol and


courtesy states that all will wait until winners have received the


trophy and medals, and show your congratulations before you go


back to changing rooms.








There will be a DVD of your game. The quality is not of digital


standard but is good. Wade and Dave both made a comment that


whether you think you have had a good or a bad game, be surprised


what you can learn about looking at your own performance.


The DVD`s have to be ordered there and then. They are £10 and have to


be ordered and paid for then. Speak to me, Lee or Paul Groves


with your £10 if you wish to order.




Invited Guest:




Please be informed that all match officials are entitled to one invited guest.


This allows your guest to be there with you on your day.


Free entry to the game and then is invited to the boardroom for post match refreshments.


All other guests will have to pay an entry fee at the gate and regretfully


will not be allowed the boardroom afterwards.


Under 16`s have free entry anyway, but will not be allowed in the boardroom due to licensing laws. Please check with a HDFL committee on the day




Post Match Refreshments:




All match officials and their guest are invited to the post match gathering after the game.


The refreshments consist of finger buffets. Tea and coffee.




Free Passes:




HDFL reward referees with a free pass to all the HDFL cup finals.


These are offered to those that have offered their services and officiated


on a Sunday morning. It is a way of saying `Thank you`.


I explained that not every referee would get a pass; please accept


that those referees that have done little or no games cannot really qualify.


But they are more then welcome to come along and support colleagues


but will have to pay at the gate.


Two exceptions are Wade Norcott and Dave Margetts.


If you need any further pointers or advice on any of the above,


please do not hesitate to contact me.


Have a great day, and enjoy yourselves.