The RA-FA Incentive Scheme (formerly known as the FAMOA Incentive Scheme)

is a free scheme operated by The FA to encourage referees and the referee

‘support family’ of tutors, mentors, assessors and coaches to be more active

within their roles.

For season 2011-12 this will only be available to members of the Referees’ Association.

The scheme encourages greater activity as referee, neutral assistant referee or fourth official.

In addition, it encourages referees and other members to attend in-service training and to

 support the recruitment and support of other referees.

Members of the scheme are asked to complete a logbook of activity each season (starting 1 August)

 and to return that between April and the end of July.

For each game, meeting, etc, they receive points for which they are able to exchange

for referees’ kit, equipment and other items from various suppliers including

 A&H International, Umbro and the Referees’ Association.

The scheme has now been running for nearly eight years and last season had over

16,000 members. If you are interested in joining the scheme please send a request

e-mail RA-FA@thefa.com and include your name, address, FAN number and RA-FA/FAMOA number


The Football Association

Wembley Stadium

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Telephone: 0844 980 0621