Referee Promotion


The Promotion season commences on the first day of March and ends on the last day of February each year, so if you're looking to move up the ladder of officialdom, the details below might help you.

Referees wishing to be considered for promotion must apply to the Referees Development Officer at the County Office and ask for 'Form P' between the inclusive dates of 1st January and 1st June for the following season’s promotions.



On receipt of the Form, candidates must complete both sides in the fullest detail and return it as soon as possible and, in any case, not later than 6th June, to the person detailed at the foot of page one of Form P.


 When applying for forms, Referees should state in which area the majority of their matches are refereed. Candidates who fail to comply fully with these instructions will automatically preclude themselves from promotion for the season.

Although the closing date for Re-Registration is 30th April, the ECFA, each season, will request referees applying for promotion or for nominations to or retention on Supply Leagues (Step 5) to re-register by a stated date in March.


Candidates must register by the date notified. This is necessary to allow time to collect information for the ‘Promotions Meetings’.

Opportunities for the ECFA to make nominations to Supply Leagues to include referees on their lists are very limited, but every advantage is taken of each invitation. Serious and careful consideration is given to the names submitted.


Referees should, on their Re-Registration Form, state accurately the number of games taken in each competition served, for the Leagues named are asked for their observations. Provided the Applicant has re-registered by the date notified, every application for promotion made in accordance with the Regulations is given the fullest consideration.


The ECFA, through its assessors and other channels, secures considerable information about its referees.

In many cases this can be profitably passed on to the referee to assist him/her to remedy faults and improve his/her efficiency.


Where this applies, the referee is always given such information by the ECFA on the prescribed form. No application is necessary.




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