Mentoring is a powerful tool in the education and development of Referees at all levels. Successful Referee education programmes change the behaviour and practices of Referees - whether they are newly qualified or International Referees. For this change to occur, learning must take place. Mentoring supports the learning process. Mentoring quite simply means a ‘one to one’ relationship supporting the development of another Referee. The concept is as broad as necessary and as inclusive as possible.

Whether the referee has concern over a point of Law, or in dealing with a difficult player, or more often, unfortunately, a difficult parent, there is a colleague at the other end of the telephone to assist.

This will help us keep more referees and provide a better service for the game.


Mentors and Mentees 2013/2014 


Mentor:                         Mentee:


James Latham                  TBA  

 Steve Gleeson                    TBA

 Adrian Amey                      TBA

Dave Margetts                     TBA

Mark Rule                           TBA


Anyone wanting to become either a mentor or mentee please contact Adrian Amey and he will allocate someone for you.